This Year’s Christmas Shows

Magican John Shore, corporate entertainer
An illuminating moment of magic

Some years I find myself working large audiences for big companies. This year, I find myself working smaller shows. If I had to choose, I like the      smaller  shows ranging from high society to family gatherings. (Everybody loves magic).

There I get to actually see the people I’m entertaining. There is a rule in magic. The closer the audience, the stronger the magic.

Next week I will be performing at an elegant Christmas Desert Function for a group of ladies. Later I will be working for a gathering of horse enthusiasts at their Christmas party at one of the horse farms. Some groups are larger than others. But Christmas is always a great time for magic.

A night of Corporate Entertainment

7CCT1209 master

Just spent the evening doing a last minute event for the Association of Electrical Cooperatives. They were having a regional training sessions and decided to offer a bit of entertainment at their evening cocktail hour. A fun bunch of people. The magic went well. Most people did not know each other but I gave them something to talk about. Fun was had by all. And the event coordinator was much relieved.

Fun Last Night in Bardstown on Magic Dinner Train

RJ train pic 3

We had a full house last night on the RJ Corman Magic Dinner Train. We had people from Ohio, and Wisconsin in for the weekend. There were three Anniversaries, and at least one Birthday. I also saw a six year old girl attack and consume a whole prime rib steak that was bigger then she was. All in all a great night.

Book-Tacular A great fundraiser featuring a performance by Magician John Shore

closeupStarting to prepare for an event I have been looking forward for several months. The BOOK-tacular in Lexington. This will be a fund raiser for the Library Board. These guys really know how to put on an event. Tickets are still available here. BOOK-tacular.

In years past I have helped the Library board with several fundraising and public events. Its a great cause.

And yes, there will be a performance by Magician, John Shore.



October a busy Month for Magic

RJ train pic 3

October is always a busy time for me and magic. Some magicians seem to be most busy around Christmas. But for me, Halloween is a close second. This month I will be providing two performance on the RJ Corman Magic Dinner Train. (see pic above). Tickets are available through the RJ Corman web site.

Add to that the fact that I will be providing palm reading at a few private Halloween events, and strolling entertainment at some political fund raisers, and we have the makings for a really busy month. And no, I will not be missing Trick-or-treating.

Spent the afternoon at a company Picnic

Had a great time this afternoon providing magical entertainment in Lexington Kentucky at a company picnic. Its an IT firm that supports Lexmark. They had about 75 people gathered for an afternoon of fun and friendship. I provided a show for the whole group. the kids sat down front. The parents were in the back. As always happens, the parents quickly realized that this show was for everyone, not just the kids. We had a lot of fun with the whole community of friends. Then I spend about 2 hours performing casually for the employees while others played volleyball. It was a perfect day for an afternoon outside.

It’s that time of year when companies gather for picnics.

Picking up several shows this month to provide professional quality magical entertainment for companies. Doing one this week in Harrodsburg for Hitachi. Then another next week for a high tech company called Wipro. The second one sounds like a nice small family affair. Usually, that mean a bunch of friendly people who are there to have a good time. This makes my job a lot easier.

A word about Palm Reading

1152288I have been a magician for over thirty years. I have been reading palms for almost as long.

In all of the time I have been doing readings, I have learned that this is an experience that is universally interesting to every person who come to my table.

Some people arrive a firm believers. Others are deep skeptics. My approach to the reading works well for everyone.

For the believer, they expect my to be able to tell them about the past, present, and future. I do. They are confirmed in their beliefs. They leave happy.

For the skeptic I say. This s a system that has been around for centuries. Lets see what it can tell us. I tell them about their past, present, and future. They are amazed at the accuracy. and they too go away happy.

The key  here is that the reading is not about me and my abilities. It’s about the client. Everyone likes to be the center of attention. Everyone likes to hear about themselves. Especially if the news is good.

What’s not to like.

I have had people stand in line for an hour for the chance to have a 5 minute reading.

You should try it at your next party.