Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you do kids Birthday Parties?

Many of my shows involve kids in one way or another. Events for families can be a lot of fun. But I am not a “kiddie magician”. Most of my clients are adults.

I find that magic works best for audiences old enough to understand fantasy and pretend.

I suggest ages 8 and up. Below that, a really good clown is a better option. Call me. I know a few I can recommend

  • Is your show clean?

As an entertainer who works mostly  for professional and corporate events, I have to keep my show clean. There is no political, religious, or vulgar material in my show. It’s just bad for business.

  • Do you donate shows?

I work for a fee in almost all cases. Some donations are considered depending on the cause.

  • What are your fees?

Fees vary based on the size of the audience and the amount of travel. Contact me for a quote.

My approach is to establish a fee for the time involved for each event. Then. we work out what your needs are.

Changing the content or timing of the event does not generally affect the fee except in the most extreme cases.

This approach has come out of years of experience. I am more interested in making your event work than up-selling for a few bucks.

  • Where are you located?

I am in central Kentucky, near Lexington.

  • Do you travel for shows?

Yes, I work all over the central United States and often travel for shows.

  • Do you offer classes?

I have programs that are intended as educational for groups and I occasionally take on students. Call me and tell me what you have in mind. Ask me about private lessons as gift certificates.

I also have a program called the Magic Jam that works great for teens and adults. In it, we discuss how to learn magic.  We also teach a few tricks to the participants. This show is a lot of fun.

  • Do your sell magical equipment or props?

No. But call me if you are looking for something specific. I can often help people locate what they need.

  • Do you offer gift certificates for shows or classes?

Yes. I offer Gift certificates for private lessons. Email me for specifics.

  • Do you work with other performers?

Yes.  Of Course. If you have a large event, I can bring other performers with me. Appropriate planning is needed of course.

I also have appeared in several variety programs when other entertainers/ magicians are featured.

  • What is Stone Castle Magic?

Stone Castle Magic is a company name that I have used for a long time. I use it less now, relying more on the recognition of my own name. But, Many videos and photos still have the Stone Castle Magic name. I also use Stone Castle Magic in cases where I am providing several performers to support a single event. The credit will read, Magic provided by John Shore and Stone Castle Magic in those cases.

  • What is the Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater?

For many years I produced and performed in a one man show in Lexington Kentucky that I called the Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater. It was a full evening of original and classical magic. It was great fun and we did over a hundred performances before circumstances forced the end of the show. Now, when I am contracted for a corporate dinner event or public event that requires my larger show, I may still market the event as The Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater. (Call it sentimentality)

Magician John Shore working with audience members during a performance of The Kentucky MAgic Dinner Theater
Working the crowd at The Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater