Speak Easy show coming together. Magic for Valentines Day Weekend


  • Sweethearts Magic Dinner 
  • Details on the new show at The Speak Easy are coming together.
  • Tickets selling well.
  • Private tables for 2 still available. (great idea)
  • Great venue. Great food. Great magic. 
  • Great idea for Valentine’s Day
  • Tickets available here: CLICK

Tornadoes and Magical Events. Who knew?


My annual trip to Kokomo Indiana took on special value this time. I always enjoy seeing the people and doing the show. But, about a week before the show, a tornado hit the town. What was once just a magic show became a fund raiser for the Kokomo relief fund. We had a great crown and raised money for a good cause. Shawn Scott from Vegas was nice enough to add his set to the show. I am sure that helped to draw a crowd. In the end it all works out. Ain’t life grand.

Palm Reading for the masses “spooky accurate”

ShorepalmHad a great time recently working a state convention for teens. The organizers wanted something different. We ended up doing palm reading. In the same room where I was working there were photo booths, video games, a corn hole game, free food, and a cartoon artist. But palm reading appeared to be the one that got the most attention. In 2 days at this convention I delivered over 100 palm readings. Not one person gave me a score below 85% accurate. Most say that the lines on their hands and the skill of the reader was above 95% and many just say I was “spooky accurate”. A great time was had by all.

By the way, my friend Obtuse Mage created this really cool sign for my palm reading booth. Let me know if you need good graphic work done. I will pass along his contact information to anyone who needs it.

An End and a Beginning

RJ train pic 8b Last night was the last of the RJ Corman Magic Dinner Train shows for this year. Sales were good enough they had to move the show to the large car. I broke out some new material for the table side magic. I really enjoy it when I have time to share the really complex card work that people never get to see in real life. It looks cool on TV. Its totally astonishing in person.

Now we head into the Christmas season with company Christmas party shows and other gatherings.

Big plans in the works for next year. Can’t wait to see how it all works out. I’m just along for a magical ride.

A night of Corporate Entertainment

7CCT1209 master

Just spent the evening doing a last minute event for the Association of Electrical Cooperatives. They were having a regional training sessions and decided to offer a bit of entertainment at their evening cocktail hour. A fun bunch of people. The magic went well. Most people did not know each other but I gave them something to talk about. Fun was had by all. And the event coordinator was much relieved.

Spent the afternoon at a company Picnic

Had a great time this afternoon providing magical entertainment in Lexington Kentucky at a company picnic. Its an IT firm that supports Lexmark. They had about 75 people gathered for an afternoon of fun and friendship. I provided a show for the whole group. the kids sat down front. The parents were in the back. As always happens, the parents quickly realized that this show was for everyone, not just the kids. We had a lot of fun with the whole community of friends. Then I spend about 2 hours performing casually for the employees while others played volleyball. It was a perfect day for an afternoon outside.