A busy October indeed. Toyota and UK

Corporate entertainer and Magican John Shore having a bit of fun with a friend
Getting a little advice

I have not posted for a while. Mostly because I have been working.

October brought many fun shows and November is much the same.

This month I will be working with Toyota in a hospitality suite that they are hosting as part of a training. This afternoon, I will be working with UK on their Curiosity Matters event.

Also worked a great party in Louisville for about fifty friends who just wanted to have a party. That was just a lost of fun.

Christmas continues to sell. Its almost too late to book a Christmas show. But I do have a few dates pending.

Magic at the Speak Easy: What a fun night for all.

perfromace at speak easy Feb 2018 1 Had a great night of magic at the Speak Easy over the week end. Great food and a lovely crowd.

Several local dignitaries made a discrete appearance. Several chose the evening as a way to celebrate birthdays.

Everyone had had a great time. More shows being planned at this wonderful location.

Also hope to be working a few wedding receptions there. They do a great job with that too.


Several people sent pictures. But, if you have some to send in, let me know. Love to see those action shots.


Tornadoes and Magical Events. Who knew?


My annual trip to Kokomo Indiana took on special value this time. I always enjoy seeing the people and doing the show. But, about a week before the show, a tornado hit the town. What was once just a magic show became a fund raiser for the Kokomo relief fund. We had a great crown and raised money for a good cause. Shawn Scott from Vegas was nice enough to add his set to the show. I am sure that helped to draw a crowd. In the end it all works out. Ain’t life grand.

Christmas Is Coming

Magician John Shore waits for the applause to die down at the end of an exclusive peice of magic at the Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater
A moment that stops the show.

I know it’s only August. But Christmas is coming.

I am so pleased that past clients are contacting me to reserve space in my December performance calendar.

But, the down side is, it is often tough to make room for new clients as they learn of my services.

All I can say is. Call early and I will do evryting I can to provide magic for as many people as possible.

But, I will never over book a date and cut a paying client short.

Too many of you know know that feels like. Not a good thing to do to someone at Christmas time.

This Year’s Christmas Shows

Magican John Shore, corporate entertainer
An illuminating moment of magic

Some years I find myself working large audiences for big companies. This year, I find myself working smaller shows. If I had to choose, I like the      smaller  shows ranging from high society to family gatherings. (Everybody loves magic).

There I get to actually see the people I’m entertaining. There is a rule in magic. The closer the audience, the stronger the magic.

Next week I will be performing at an elegant Christmas Desert Function for a group of ladies. Later I will be working for a gathering of horse enthusiasts at their Christmas party at one of the horse farms. Some groups are larger than others. But Christmas is always a great time for magic.

An End and a Beginning

RJ train pic 8b Last night was the last of the RJ Corman Magic Dinner Train shows for this year. Sales were good enough they had to move the show to the large car. I broke out some new material for the table side magic. I really enjoy it when I have time to share the really complex card work that people never get to see in real life. It looks cool on TV. Its totally astonishing in person.

Now we head into the Christmas season with company Christmas party shows and other gatherings.

Big plans in the works for next year. Can’t wait to see how it all works out. I’m just along for a magical ride.

Fun Last Night in Bardstown on Magic Dinner Train

RJ train pic 3

We had a full house last night on the RJ Corman Magic Dinner Train. We had people from Ohio, and Wisconsin in for the weekend. There were three Anniversaries, and at least one Birthday. I also saw a six year old girl attack and consume a whole prime rib steak that was bigger then she was. All in all a great night.

Magic Chicago 2015

The show is confirmed. I will be returning to Magic Chicago in November 2015. This will be my 3rd performance at Magic Chicago. They are always so nice and its hard to beat the food in downtown.